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Gillette Fusion Reviews

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  • What is up with the Fusion razors?

    I am here because I am bleeding, again. After decades of using Gillette razors of all types I find that now, many people are having the same issue. I am sad to think i won't ever get the most excellent shave,by comparison, of any other brand, yet the recent Fusion razors are as bad as Persona's disposables or Schick premium brand. Fix the problem. Thank You.// W.A.R. PS: .. and do not even ask me for a copy of UPC or receipts. I'm just saying. My two teenagers will be also switching to some other brand if they survive the bloodshed. More...
    waviles1's Picture   waviles1    2 Comments   Comments
  • Gillette Fusion power blades

    I have been using Gillett fusion power baldes for a long time now and have finally come to the idea that I should change as the blades only last with me about three or four shaves before I have to change the blade and not ten shaves that you say on the packaging.I have found that the blades are not of good quality and do not last and at about £10 for four blades they are not worth the money.What are you going to do about it More...
    havanna's Picture   havanna    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor quality pro glide fusion blades

    I have used your pro glide razor with two blades until down graded to one only and always found them to give a good close shave, however to save money I purchased the 4 (four) blade pack at Kroger's, in Belpre Ohio recently and found them to be very inferior. WHY? If I cannot get a good shave without having to repeat the procedure 3 or 4 times than I plan on going to another brand with complaints to Kroger Co. Please advise what I am to do now? My email is address 1226 Juliana St, Parkersburg, WV 26101 Name Charles D. Harris. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    charles6492's Picture   charles6492    0 Comments   Comments
  • complaint

    a can of gillette fusion-proglide exploded when i pressed the top down, this product is very expensive, you don,t expect a product from someone like gillette to explode, it should be top quality at that price, is there any way i can get my money back, only i am not to happy about this, i certainly won,t be using this product again, it should be top quality NOT RUBBISH. More...
  • Razors and kids.

    I was watching a movie on TV and the Gillette fusion commercial appeared over ten times during the movie. I don't feel that it was suitable to put a commercial about razors on a children’s TV channel that both girls and boys watch. I don’t think that the boys that are watching the children’s TV show don't shave yet. just to point out it was the same commercial each time sometimes it aired twice before the movie turned back on. I have nothing against the product but I feel that the repeating of the commercial doesn’t belong on a children’s TV show,... More...
  • Defective product?

    I recently purchased a start up pack of gillette fusion at Walgreens in SC. It included a 7 oz can of proglide hydro smooth gel. After using the can for approximately one week it began to dispense on it's own. I would use what I needed and then would return to find the dispenser cap full of shave gel and it would foam down the can. I can usually purchase a can and it will last 6 weeks to 2 months. The current can has been in use for about 3 weeks now and is empty due to the can dispensing on it's own. I just do not like to spend that much money and it be wasted. I continue to use... More...
  • Fushion Blades

    My wife purchased me a fushion razor and 8 additional blades. I have been using the razor for approx 3 months and as I am now on my last blade I went to purchase some blades at the weekend. Unless you can tell me a good reason I will not be puchasing any more of your products. I have been using over 2 blades per month and then to find out that they cost over £2 each I will be returning to my previous razor made by one of your compeitors whose blades last longer and cost less I look forward to your reply and your reasons as to why I should continue to use Gillette Fusion in the... More...
    cjtitch's Picture   cjtitch    0 Comments   Comments
  • Original Sale advertising vs TV ads

    On he packaging the razor and starter blades are sold it says, the blades supplied should last about three months. On the TV ads it suggests the blades should be changed for a more comfortable shave when the blue strip fades. That would mean changing the £2 blades between 3 and 5 days, a discrepancy the Advertising Standards Agency declined to investigate, a. because they don't compare packaging statement vs post sales advertisements, and b. because the TV ad. is advisory only. Clearly Gillette plan to make all their profit on blade sales. In practice the blades will last a... More...
    Blewitt's Picture   Blewitt    0 Comments   Comments
  • misrepresenation

    Gillette states that their fusion blades last approximately six months but when I use each blade according to your television commercials recommendation, when the strip turns white it is time for a new blade which is about a week if I am lucky. Now how can the blades last six months according to the advertisement on the pack they come in when each blade last only a week and there are eight blades in each pack??????? According to even grade school arithmetic one times eight equals eight in which is the number of weeks your blades seem to last and not three weeks per blade which is the... More...
    barrybu's Picture   barrybu    1 Comments   Comments

    i been using your prouducts for a long time and had a problem with the fusion razor. i went to a wake drove 300 miles to go there stayed in a hotel got up in the morning to shave and the razor fell apart in my hands and cut my chin. it was pretty bad.for the money they cost i know some times things happen.nottings perfect please respond thank you charles tessitore More...
    ctessitore45's Picture   ctessitore45    2 Comments   Comments


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